Official Unofficial Olimpic T-shirts

T-shirts have nothing to do with the Olympics but everything to do with the Olimpics

With the major sporting event rapidly approaching, we decided a few T-shirt were in order. The Olympic torch coming to Worcester seems to have split opinion equally between excited enthusiasm and boredom. Let the World know how you feel with a T-shirt.

official olimpic t-shirt
screw the olympics t-shirt

Show exactly how you feel about the Olympics with T-shirt from our Worcester Shop

If you love the Olympics or hate it, show what you are thinking with a custom Printed T-shirt. We can also print onto Hoodies, Caps, Polo shirts and more. Choose a colour, choose a design (or create your own), and let the games begin.

Don’t think we are funny?

If you don’t like the designs that we have come up with, and think you can do better yourself, then please be our guest. We can print your own ideas and designs so that you can have something entirely original. Get in contact, or pop into the shop for more details.

screw the olympics t-shirt

Your choice of colour from our Worcester T-shirt printing shop

You can pick the T-shirt size, colour, and print colour from a wide range. We cater for slightly bigger people too, offering 2XL and 3XL sizes. pop down to our Worcester T-shirt emporium and have a look.

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Custom Printed Teddy Bears – The Perfect Stocking Filler

The Perfect Stocking Fillers from out Worcester Shop
Urban Prints are pleased to announce that we are now offering a new custom printed product. A new product isn’t perhaps the best way to describe these little guys. Come on, they have feelings! Not only are we offering adorable teddy bears adorned with a custom printed shirt, you can also have a super cute bunny rabbit with your chosen message.

Custom printed princess bunny rabbit

The Perfect stocking filler kids will love

With the festive season well and truly upon us we know how difficult it can be to find a heartfelt personal gift that kids will remember and treasure for years to come. Here at Urban Prints we think our teddies and bunnies can be just that memorable stocking filler for your loved ones.

A gift for a loved one that will be cherished

These cute guys aren’t just for kids of course, they would love to be looked after by people of any age and are the ideal gift you can also show your feelings with. You can have any personalised message you like on their little T-shirts! Why not have a picture of a loved one, your favourite band or anything else you can think of.
Your message here printed teddy bear

Pick from one of our designs or create your own

Here at Urban Prints we know that the personal touch makes all the difference when it comes to giving a great gift, especially at Christmas. That is why we wanted to offer a cute gift with the bonus of showing your message to the lucky recipient. If your struggling for ideas, we have you covered, of course, with our range of designs so you don’t get stuck!

A fantastic corporate gift for Christmas or anytime of the year.

Cuddley toys make a fantastic corporate gift and are a great way to promote your business. If you want to strengthen and reinforce your brand then Urban Prints can help. A bear branded with your company logo and identity is a good way to keep you in the minds of existing and potential customers.

Pop in and pick up a new custom printed friend

These soft hug-able gifts are just £12 for one and £20 for two! We can print out a personalised message on your new friends while you wait, just come along to our store in The Gallery located on The Shambles

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Perfect Christmas Presents from our Worcester T-shirt Printing Store.

Perfect Christmas Presents from our Worcester T-shirt Printing Store.

Now the festive period is well and truly upon us, finding that ideal Christmas gift can be quite the headache, but thanks to Urban Prints all that hassle could be sorted with a fantastic Yuletide garment sure to warm the hearts of loved ones and friends.

Everybody loves to receive a custom printed T-shirt

If you like to give thoughtful gifts, there is no better way to do this than a personalised T-shirt, made to your exact specifications for that unmistakeable personal touch. The staff at Urban Prints Worcester, in the Gallery on the Shambles, will help you develop your idea… you think it we print it!

Don’t get cold get a custom printed hoodie from Urban Prints Worcester

Why not give a fun and practical gift this Christmas, help your friends stave off the winter chills with a fun custom printed hoodie. Perhaps you are feeling the cold and need something with character to keep you warm. Urban Prints are stocked and ready to provide you with great custom hoodies in a range of colours and sizes.

Personalised t-shirts and hoodies for that special touch

Whether you are after that great personalised gift or cosy hoodie to make it though the winter with comfort, Urban Prints can cover all your unique gift needs this Christmas. At great quality and value it is an ideal choice. You can get all your Christmas presents in one shop!

Personalised Teddy Bear from Urban Prints Worcester

Delightful custom printed Teddies and bunnies that everyone will enjoy

These cute guys are the ideal gift for kids and those of us who are young at heart, they will give lots of love to whoever is looking after them, whatever the age. The ideal gift to put across a heartfelt message, you can have any personalised message you like on their little T-shirts! Why not have a picture of a loved one, your favourite band or anything else you can think of.

Drop into our Worcester hoody printing shop and get all of your Christmas shopping done in one hit.

Contact us with your enquiries for fantastic festive garments and custom garment printing. You can fill in the convenient contact form here, or send us an email if you have a question. You are not limited to hoodies of course, we can print on, T-shirts, Caps, Polo shirts and a range of supplied items.

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Perfect Custom T-shirts to Mark that Special Birthday

If you would like a great present for somebody about to turn a certain age Urban Prints have just the T-shirt for you. Our speed limit roadsign T-shirts can be customised so that you can have them anyway you want. Why not personalise the T-shirt by having the birthday boy’s or birthday girl’s name on the back
Road sign 50 printed T-shirt

Speed limit T-shirts that have no limit on choice

Don’t worry if the person you are buying a T-shirt for is 18, 21, 25, 39 or even 80. We can produce a customised T-shirt with speed limit sign with any number you want. The choice doesn’t stop there, you can choose to have pretty much any variation or style of your choice. The roadsign in fluorescent colours looks great. You are only limited by your imagination. Come and see us in our Worcester T-shirt printing shop for more details.

Come up with your own idea and create your own T-shirt

If you have an idea that you think would make a fantastic T-shirt then why not put it to the test with a custom printed celebration T-shirt with Urban Prints. Why not? It could be a nickname, a play on words or even just their name printed in the font of their favourite TV show could make a great gift.

T-shirts for any celebration

We can supply personalised T-shirts for any celebration whether it be a birthday, a christening, a bar mitzvah. Be funny, be bold, be daring. A custom T-shirt can make that special occasion extra special.

Print onto supplied garments or products

If you don’t want to settle for a T-shirt, hoody, polo-shirt or cap for a gift then we can print onto your own supplied garment. This means that if you want custom letters or images on a flag, banner or sash or one of many other items we will be able to help.
*Please note that we cannot guarantee the adherence or durability of items that we don’t supply.


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Custom Printed Workwear for Worcester Sandwich Shop

Urban Prints Provides Custom Printed Workwear for Top Worcester Sandwich Shop

Urban Prints are proud to have recently provided Phat Nancy’s, Custom Built Sandwiches, with a number of custom printed T-shirts that make up part of their uniform. Phat Nancy’s supplied the T-shirts and we printed their brand and logo onto them in highly durable vinyl. Nancy’s told us:

We need a uniform that is going to be able to put up with being washed very frequently – garments thst can stand the heat of a busy kitchen.

Urban Prints were only too happy too help.

Phat Nancy's Branded Workwear

Have you tried Phat Nancy’s – Been there? Got the T-shirt?

Aside from looking great in their custom printed wearwear, Phat Nancy’s do some pretty fantastic things with sandwiches. This Worcester Takeaway has a range of specials and delicious favourites for you to enjoy everyday. Baguettes, Panini, Wraps and more – Delicious. If you love Phat Nancy’s you might be interested to know that they are now selling Phat Nancy’s Merchandise including Caps and T-shirts. You can read more about Phat Nancy’s, and their delicious food, on the Phat Nancy’s Official Website.

Phat Nancy's Worcester Sandwich Shop Frontage

Phat Nancy’s – Strong branding with a unique logo for business success

Of course, Phat Nancy’s business relies on their fantastic custom build sandwiches. Phat Nancy’s is no oridinary sandwich shop though, the giant graphic on the window lets customers know exactly the kind of fun independant Worcester business that this little gem is. The experience starts before you are even through the door. Phat Nancy’s staff are friendly and enthusiastic about what they do and really look the business in their custom printed uniforms. If you are in Worcester, and anywhere near New Street, then Urban Prints strongly suggest that you give your taste buds a treat and Phat Nancy’s a try.

Phat Nancy's lovely logo

Custom Printed Workwear to help promote your business

There can be no doubt that custom printed workwear, with your logo and styles, can really help your business. Branded clothing helps to reinforce your brand in customers, and potential customers, minds. Custom printed uniforms, carrying your company logo, display a professional and official image to the public and well positioned URLs and phone numbers can create surprisingly effective insitu advertising.

Contact Worcester’s Number One Custom Wearwear Printing Shop, Urban Prints, for more information on how we can help your business.

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Custom branded T-shirts for Worcester’s top sweet shop

Sweet shop launch strengthens brand with custom T-shirts

Zendels, Worcester’s top sweet shop, recently changed locations and relaunched the brand by hitting the streets armed with trays of their delicious confectionary. Sam decided that she needed to get the name Zendels well and truly in the minds of the Worcester public. Enter Urban Prints custom T-shirt Printing! We produced some vibrant T-shirts for the girls at Zendels to wear featuring their existing branding. The bright pink T-shirts really do shout out “here we are, look at us” and simply look great.

T-shirts for Zendels Worcester

Good Luck to Ye Olde Sweet Shop

At Urban Prints we are proud to have completed this job for Zendels and take pleasure in working with another local business. We wish Zendels every success in their new location. Zendels is an amazing sweet shop, traditional in it’s appearance and attitute, run by people with a passion for what they do. It is like stepping back in time to when shops were more than just shops. Try the fudge if you have the chance to pop in, it’s absolutely delicious and we highly recommend it.

Branded clothing for your business

If you would like your business to benefit to enhanced branding and awareness of your events, custom printed garments could be the way forward. Branded clothing not only provides an instant credibility for your business, but also is an opportunity to let customers know about your latest offers and specials. Urban Prints custom T-shirt and Hoody Printing offers competitive rates to Worcester businesses whether you order 1 or 1000 items.

The service doesn’t stop at T-shirts and Hoodies. We can offer, shirts, flags, aprons and can print onto any garment that you supply. We only use the highest quality clothing so that you benefit from great value and luxurious comfort. Give us a call on 01905 21073 or use the contact form for more details.

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Inky’s T-shirt Printing Worcester becomes Urban Prints

Urbans Prints Rebrand for Worcester’s top custom T-shirt printing shop

You may have noticed that the top custom garment printing shop based in Worcester, and serving Worcestershire and the UK has recently undergone a few changes. Inky’s Custom T-shirt Printing has become Urban Prints custom T-shirt printing. This is due to a change in ownership as Dave jets off to some time in the sun. Now up to speed with the fast paced world of T-shirt printing, the new owners have changed the name, but the T-shirt printing shop you know and love has remained much the same.

The same great quality, value and service on T-shirt and hoody printing

Urban Prints uses the same high quality printing processes as their predecessors and as a result are able to offer the same amazing quality printing on T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Polo Shirts and more. We have also kept the prices the same so you can be sure that when you get a T-shirt printed, whether for a stag and hen do, or other event, that it will be at a competitive price.

T-shirt and Hoody printing for the whole of the UK

Although our fantastic T-shirt and Hoodie printing business is located in the beautiful city of Worcester, we can still provide our service to the whole of the UK. In most cases we will be able to produce and send garments out the same day (dependent on number of items, stock levels etc.) by first class post. So whether you require T-shirt printing in Guildford or Hoodie Printing in York, Urban Prints is your number one choice for custom garment printing.

Additional design and creative services

Having worked in the web and graphic design industry for the last five years, the new owners are happy to extend the services that Urban Prints offer to include Web design, Graphic design and Leaflet design, printing and a range of other creative services. Please contact us for more information.

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Inky’s Gets Ahead Of The Competition

Many small businesses are showing that they have what it takes to thrive despite the current recession, by offering specialist services within their niche. With this in mind, T-Shirt Printing entrepreneur David Thornton is steering his latest outlet in a new direction.

The T-Shirt Printing industry is heavily competitive, with many major players competing on price alone, driving down the value of the service on offer and making the slower trading seasons even more difficult by being forced to run on narrow profit margins. Worse still, many business offer t-shirt printing services as a sideline to compliment their main business, usually stationary printing or sign making, which are generally more profitable lines. This can mean that garment printing jobs are less of a priority for the businesses concerned, creating a gap in the market for a faster service.

Inky’s Printing, the new t-shirt printing shop based in the centre of Worcester in the West Midlands, concentrates on only providing a first class express garment printing service. Owner-operator David Thornton felt that offering additional services would dilute the brand focus and therefore reduce the impact of marketing campaigns.

David commented: “By offering a same day t-shirt printing service at a competitive price point, we are able to stand out from the crowd and stick in peoples’ minds as “the” place to go for custom printed t-shirts”.

Opting for this specialist offering rather than attempting to please everybody by providing “something for everyone”, David’s business has managed to secure a steady stream of new customers daily, via the website and from people visiting the shop in person.

“The shop is set back from the main High Street, but word is spreading quickly because we’re offering something different. It’s early days yet but the feedback we’ve had so far has been encouraging” he added.

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Express T-Shirt Printing

We offer very fast t-shirt printing to customers in an emergency! Are you organising an event or going on holiday and left your t-shirt printing jobs til the last minute? Then don’t worry – Inky’s in Worcester is here to help. Serving the whole of the UK (and the local area of course), we offer a same day t-shirt printing service at fantastic prices.

We can print any text, logo or image onto our top quality t-shirts, or you can even bring in your own shirts to be printed. As well as t-shirts we also supply a range of other garments including polo shirts, sweatshirts, high visibility workwear (such as vests and jackets), and even canvas bags. We use a durable vinyl print for text, which is great stuff – it doesn’t come off or fade in the wash and always keeps its colour vibrancy. Great for slogan t-shirts or stag & hen tees.

Our shop is located in the centre of Worcester (see Location page for full details) and is easily accessible on foot. There are also many car parks nearby within 3 to 5 minutes walk.

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Same Day T-Shirt Printing

Express T-Shirt Printing Service UK

If you need t-shirts printed urgently, please don’t delay, contact us straight away to let us know your requirements. We’ll be able to tell you the price (which will always be competitive) quickly and if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll commence production immediately if we can.

Don’t Delay – Please contact us here.

There are lots of reasons why people look for t-shirt printing companies in Worcester. If you are organising the t-shirts for a stag night or hen party, or if you need custom printed t-shirts to promote a new product launch or event, you might only need a small quantity of t-shirts. There are lots of websites offering t-shirt printing service but there’s nothing quite like the personal service and reassurance of using a local business with a -good reputation.

Inky’s is a new t-shirt printing shop based in the heart of Worcester City Centre. Run by experienced t-shirt printing professionals, we offer a friendly and easy to same day service meaning you can get the t-shirts you need – when you need them. There is no minimum order quantity, meaning you can even get just a single one-off t-shirt if you need – a service not offered by all t-shirt printing companies.

As well as t-shirts, there are many other types of garment available. Polo shirts, vest tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, hi vis vests and jackets and even canvas tote bags can all be personalised with your own logo, picture or message. You can even bring in your own items of clothing to be printed, which is a very popular option for customers organising stag or hen parties.

For text prints, we can print almost any font in any colour, and we also have the capabilities to print full colour photographs up to A4 size, using durable and vibrant laser printed transfers, which lack the uncomfortable plasticky feel of some full colour garment printing methods.

Our website features lots of examples of the type of work we have produced for our customers, so please take a look around to see what we could do for you. If you’re interested in getting some t-shirts printed, simply go to the “Contact Us” page to get in touch and let us know your requirements. We’ll get back to you quickly with a competitive price quote.

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