Inky’s Gets Ahead Of The Competition

Many small businesses are showing that they have what it takes to thrive despite the current recession, by offering specialist services within their niche. With this in mind, T-Shirt Printing entrepreneur David Thornton is steering his latest outlet in a new direction.

The T-Shirt Printing industry is heavily competitive, with many major players competing on price alone, driving down the value of the service on offer and making the slower trading seasons even more difficult by being forced to run on narrow profit margins. Worse still, many business offer t-shirt printing services as a sideline to compliment their main business, usually stationary printing or sign making, which are generally more profitable lines. This can mean that garment printing jobs are less of a priority for the businesses concerned, creating a gap in the market for a faster service.

Inky’s Printing, the new t-shirt printing shop based in the centre of Worcester in the West Midlands, concentrates on only providing a first class express garment printing service. Owner-operator David Thornton felt that offering additional services would dilute the brand focus and therefore reduce the impact of marketing campaigns.

David commented: “By offering a same day t-shirt printing service at a competitive price point, we are able to stand out from the crowd and stick in peoples’ minds as “the” place to go for custom printed t-shirts”.

Opting for this specialist offering rather than attempting to please everybody by providing “something for everyone”, David’s business has managed to secure a steady stream of new customers daily, via the website and from people visiting the shop in person.

“The shop is set back from the main High Street, but word is spreading quickly because we’re offering something different. It’s early days yet but the feedback we’ve had so far has been encouraging” he added.

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