Cheap T-Shirt Printing Worcester

cheap t-shirt printingIf your budget is running low but you still need top quality t-shirts printed, don’t worry – Inky’s can help. There are a number of lower priced options for t-shirt printing. In this article we’ll explain a few tips to keep the price down.

Bulk Discounts

If you need a fairly large number of custom printed garments (for example 10 or more), we can sometimes work out a cheaper deal – just ask and we’ll see what we can do.

Garment Type

There are many types of blank t-shirts available for printing – you can use the ones we supply or alternatively you could source your own if you can find them cheaper elsewhere or if you already have a  stock of blanks. We offer cheaper t-shirts that are lighter weight and less durable than our standard tees, but are perfect for short-term use for example event promotions, exhibitions etc.

Number Of Prints

If you can get your whole message across in a single print, then go for it. We charge by the print rather than by the letter – so having a print on the front or back of a garment only will work out cheaper than front and back.

Print Colours

The fewer the better! If you want a text-only print, stick to one colour as we have to charge a little more for extra colour layers. Mono images rather than full colour also work out cheaper.


We can’t always offer a same-day service at our standard prices if it means having to ask other customers to wait a little longer. Allow us plenty of time (i.e a couple of days) to complete your order, to avoid a same day express service charge.

In summary, all you need to bear in mind in order to keep the price down is try and get your message across in a single front or back only print, in a single colour, and opt for non-premium garments, while allowing us plenty of time to fulfil your order. These tips will ensure you still get top quality end results, without exhausting your budget! How many other t-shirt printing shops in Worcester offer such helpful advice?